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Meble VOX

Meble VOX is a company that has been operating in the market since 1989 and is known for its original solutions to interior design, furniture production and decorative items. The electronic version of the Meble VOX catalogue is full of inspiring and interesting ideas for furnishing all manner of rooms. In it you can find information on the most recent collections and a wide-ranging assortment of decorative items. Everything is presented in a clear fashion, with a great deal of illustrations and with user-friendly, intuitive navigation.

How it works?

With this application you can browse the electronic version of the Meble VOX catalogue on an iPhone and an iPad. You can also use it alongside the printed version, in order to find out more about any particular product. Thanks to the use of image recognition technology, once you have taken a picture of any given product, you may watch a video presentation of it and visit its corresponding page in the electronic version of the catalogue. The application is available on the App Store in Poland.