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Barclay exemplifies how marketing agencies, mobile brands, or interactive advertisers can include utilize image recognition in their mobile apps. The app was created for companies within the Barclay group, which offered the Recognize.IM API to third parties. The agency uses the application during business talks in order to get their interlocutor interested in live presentation of this technology. They recognize objects using mobile application in front of a potential customer, and then they build application for him upon request.

How it works?

The Barclay app recognizes pre-prepared images. All an employee of an advertising agency has to do is to prepare the content which best reaches his partner, and then present it at the meeting. Barclay is an example of the basic branded application that can be accessed for free by every user of our API which allows user to call a web address or a link to a YouTube video after an image has been recognized. In this case, this simple solution is used to broaden the offer of an advertising agency.