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Start Package

  • 0 USD net
  • Scan limit: 500
  • Photo limit: 100
Your Start Package will be available for 21 days.
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Startup Package

  • 300 USD net / 30 days
  • Scan limit: 50 000
  • Photo limit: 10 000

Standard Package

  • 1700 USD net / 30 days
  • Scan limit: 100 000
  • Photo limit: 50 000

Premium Package

  • 3000 USD net / 30 days
  • Scan limit: 300 000
  • Photo limit: 100 000

Enterprise Package

  • 4000 USD net / 30 days
  • Scan limit: 1 000 000
  • Photo limit: 500 000
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Pricing package details:
Given is base settlement period fee, without tax (net worth), charged in advance of the settlement period.
The photo limit expresses the maximum number of reference images you can have in your collection.
The scan limit is the number of scans (recognition actions) you can perform each settlement period.

The Value Added Tax (23%) applies to all personal accounts.
The tax does not apply to business accounts (reverse charge), except for the companies and organizations hosted in Poland.
For companies and organizations hosted in European Union, VAT number is required for tax processing.