How does it work? API enables easy use of image recognition technology in your solutions..

Connect our API to any application with access to the Internet — mobile application, website, SFA, crawler, or backend-server application.

Test it yourself before creating any software using our website and sample codes. You only need a web browser and a mobile device equipped with a regular camera.

1. You define your objects.

Define your collection of "recognizable" objects by adding images representing them to your reference collection. Assign your own ID to each image. It will later be returned in the recognition results to let you know which objects have been found.

You can alter the reference collection when needed by removing images, adding new ones or changing their IDs.

2. Your user takes a photo.

Now that your reference collection is ready, you can invite your end-users to perform recognition requests by sending query pictures to our API. The app, service, or website you provide for your end-users must be integrated with our API.

The query pictures get compared against your reference database in real-time, which allows you to get the results right away. Thus, you can involve your end-users with various actions that might depend on the recognition results.

Note that you do not need to engage humans to perform the recognition request, and query pictures do not need to be taken by the mobile device in real-time. You can also query from a server application using previously stored images.

3. We recognize your objects.

When your query reaches our API, our algorithms search the image's entire surface to find the objects defined by you in the reference collection.

The API responds with a list of recognized items and their locations in the query image. This allows you to know the exact position and orientation of each object found.

Having such results you can not only determine whether your object is present in the query image or count its occurrences, but also compare its position against other objects found, or find out whether its position matches your expectations (e.g. planogram verification).

4. You make an action!

Our API can find your reference objects in your query images, but you are the one who decides what to do with the recognition results.

You can enrich your end-user app with recognition-related calls to action. You can provide a search-by-picture tool for your users instead of making them type the texts. You can examine your picture collections for duplicates. You can check whether your products standing on a shelf match your planogram.

You can.

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