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iTraff Technology Sp. z o.o. was founded in 2010 as an initiative of Arkadiusz Skuza, Wojciech Radomski, Paweł Elbanowski and Marcin Szajek. The company empowers mobile and web developers to utilize the Image Recognition Technology with API. allows businesses to quickly build image recognition into their own mobile and web applications. The setup is quick: upload your reference pictures to, and use the ready-made code available on the website. In a few minutes your platform will feature a built-in image recognition technology. This type of solution promotes genuine customer engagement and sales carried out via the mobile channel in virtually any consumer-facing industry.

Recently, the Team has been focusing on supporting merchandising with image recognition technology by providing a special recognition mode that enables locating products on shop shelves. The idea is to enable real-time monitoring of shelf contents with unparalleled precision, thanks to which it will be possible to obtain various kinds of reports, such as compatibility planograms or comparisons to the competition. In addition to the above, hardware support for the described algorithmic engine is being prototyped in the form of a network of simple, low-cost devices installed on premises, enabling constant monitoring of the products in stores.

We won:

  • - StartUp Fest (Poland),
  • - Mobile Services Innovation Platform Competition (Greece),
  • - Mobile Trends Awards (Poland).

We reached final stage at:

  • - StartUp Week (Austria),
  • - Slush100 (Finland).


  • - SaveUp took part in TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco.
  • - The iTraff Technology development team was awarded the European Commission prize for developers at Hack4Europe. Our application, Art4Europe, was recognized as the app with the greatest commercial potential.
  • - The Polish Minister of Economy, Waldemar Pawlak, specially recognized our success in Hack4Europe.


The company was founded by Arkadiusz Skuza, Wojciech Radomski, Paweł Elbanowski and Marcin Szajek.


SpeedUp Investment Group - Polish leading venture capital group specialized in early stage, short and medium term investments for IT companies. SpeedUp has supported mobile projects for over 10 years, and iTraff Technology specifically, since December 2010.

Innovation Nest - a fund run by Piotr Wilam (Polish pioneer of the Internet, co-founder and first president of, a leading Polish news portal) and Marek Kapturkiewicz (long-term board member and vice president of, expert in developing strategies for high-tech companies).

Rafał Han - founder and CEO of HanBright (fund focused on media for parents and preschool children), investor in Bright Berries (projects,, and others).

Stephane Senkowski - A private investor from France who has great experience in managing large technology companies.

Our awards