If you wish to use the image recognition technology provided by the API, you need to have an active account in our Service. This allows you to manage your recognizable object collection and handle the automatic payments to keep your subscription active. It also provides the API credentials required to integrate our API with your solutions.

Once you create and activate an account, your free trial period of 21 days begins. You have complete access to the API, which allows you to run some tests before making any purchases. After the free trial expires, you have to subscribe to keep your account active.

Active subscription

Keeping your subscription active is necessary if you wish to maintain continuous access to the API. You can do it by setting up a recurring payment for one of the pricing packages.

If your package is still valid, but you exhaust your limits, the subscription stays active, but you cannot upload more images or perform more recognition actions. You can increase your limits by upgrading to a higher package manually or wait for your limits to renew in the next settlement period. You can use the "package auto upgrade" option in your subscription settings to allow automatic, instant upgrades in the event of the scan limit (and the scan limit only) getting exhausted.

Expired subscription

Your subscription expires when your scheduled payment will not be recorded in our system (due to e.g., an error or lack of funds). In that case, the API sends a notification so you can verify the account status, payment method, and funds availability.

After missing the payment deadline your recognition service will work for another 1 week, but during this time you will not be able to manage your reference database collection. Unless you take care of executing the failed payment during this period, your recognition service will stop as well. Your images will be permanently removed within 45 days from the missed payment deadline, and your account will be removed within 90 days from that date.

For details regarding the data and account deletion please refer to the Terms of Use.

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